Why Us


Would you like to live in a relaxing environment that make you feel great, maximize your space or just simply having the perfect home?

Do you think that there are people that has been born with a gift for taste? Do you have a hectic life, and not enough hours in the day?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the choice you can find on the internet, spending hours and days surfing and being more and more confused?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Cristina Porres Interiors is here to help.

Interior design online is becoming a popular service for busy homeowners around the globe and is proving to be a successful alternative to hire a local interior designer because of its reduced prices and convenience.

Our online design service allows us to create affordable design concepts for you reflecting your unique taste.

If you think that Interior Design is only for a few, we don’t think so. Interior Design is for people like you, busy people that want their house to be their home, and it can be affordable.

We will save you time and headaches, and someone with a professional eye will lasix online no prescription design your space and will search the best products at the best prices on the internet so that you can stick to your budget and all this will be done online

You will only have to send us a floorplan , some picturesand fill in a quick questionnaire so that we know about what you like to be able to give you the best service.

It is that easy. With us, you will be able to have your dream home within your budget, saving your precious time, and having the best professionals giving you the the best advices.

It is proven that you can spend up to 40h per room if you start your own Interior Design project. This is a time that most of us can’t afford.

We offer you something that is very difficult to find, which are brilliant ideas.

And because our service is online, our prices are much more affordable than other traditional Interior Design services.

See a visual journey of of how YOUR DESIGN JOURNEY WORKS  and visit our PACKAGES page to have a look to the services we offer to satisfy to your needs.