My journey back to work from maternity

Two years ago my partner in crime and I set up our own online interior design business. We embarked on the most incredible and adventurous journey, working on exciting projects, with incredible clients & seeing how our business was taking off little by little. One year into this journey, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, we planned everything meticulously so I could take 9 months off and enjoy my time with her before returning back to work and continue where we left off.

Hah! As anyone who has children will know, becoming a parent for the very first time and starting to raise a family is a life-changing experience. I wouldn’t have ever thought how much it would change me as a person until it actually happened. I always believed that I would continue being in control of my things after the pregnancy, that I would continue to be the best friend, best wife and best business women I always wanted to be. Suddenly, my world, which had previously been within my control changed and I had this tiny little being to look after and love, who needed me more than anything else in the world. It was hard, very hard at times, but it was amazing to say the least.??

As the ninth tramadol online overnight fedex month of maternity was approaching I started to feel self doubt, fear, anxiety and guilt like I had never felt before. How could I leave this perfect little person I had spent with every hour of every day since she was born with someone else and be expected to concentrate on work? Also how would I manage to work and do the job that I love as good as before?

Those are questions that I raised to myself over and over again while the day was arriving. I kept said to myself that I needed time to myself and will also be a great thing to get that sense of professional fulfilment back, but it was much better said that done.

Well… I know the journey back in to work is never going to be an easy one, but now I’m ready and confident that all those feeling will definitely disappear. I know I will do not a good job, but a great job as I will do it also for my baby girl.

How couldn’t I!? Since I love my job and I have the most amazing family, friends and clients ever!

So here I am…Let’s enjoy this journey Cristina Porres Interiors!

See you around 💛


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