What are Online Interior Design Services?

It is interior design available to everyone without the need to visit your premises, all is done online. It’s a step-by-step process to provide you with fantastic design ideas that will suit you and your home.


How did you manage to make this design service so affordable?

It is our overall aim to help make your home a better place and somewhere you would absolutely love to be in. And we wanted to keep our design fee as low as possible. So we sat around our boardroom table discussing how we could give a great service keeping our prices affordable. The result was our customized packages that will allow you (and us) to save time and money as there won’t be needed any physical visit to your premises. By choosing our online services you become part of the Design Team – how exciting! You return the questionnaire, your room measurements and photos to us and we begin the creative process, which will finish  when we send you digitally all the completed work by email/social media.


Will my Room Design be exclusively mine?

Yes – we are designing your room(s) with precision, care and attention to detail to suit you exclusively. From the information that you provide within the questionnaire, room size and photos, we will produce your perfect interior design to match all your needs and requirements and it will therefore be unique to you.


What is included on each of the packages?

We will email you a link to our questionnaire to fill in. We’ll also send you a guide on how to take the photos of your room correctly and step-by-step instructions on how to measure your room. Once you have done everything and sent it all back to us, we will then give the green light to begin the design process. All rooms (depending on package) include the following:

  • Email/skype conversations to collect all design related matter to initiate your concept.
  • A written Design Brief produced from the information and findings from your completed questionnaire and any other information you share with us.
  • A customized Design Mood Board- this creates the look + feel for your design project.
  • Proposed Floor Plan showing a furniture layout and room elevation.
  • Sample Boards of proposed finishes – this inc furniture, lighting, accessories, wall + floor finishes and a color palette.
  • A 3D room presentation. (on premium package only)
  • Product resource sheet (on premium package only)
  • A written Professional Summary of your design.



How do I implement my Room/Kids/Kitchen or Bathroom Design once I have my completed designs?

When your finalized interior design package has been emailed to you, there are various ways to initiate your design at home depending of the package you choose.

If you purchased the Essential Package,  once you have a fixed amount of money secured, take your designs along to a supplier of furniture etc. Show them your designs and let them know how much you want to spend. They will then match your designs to what they can offer to you, keeping in mind the budget you give them.

Alternatively, with the Premium package, it is even simpler! We will give you a list of all the suppliers together with the product chosen and product price, all within your budget. Then you just have to go on their website or to the nearest store to purchase them (bear in mind that the prices we will give you on our final delivery will be accurate only on that same day, as it is out of our control that the prices might change the following day).



How long will it take until I receive my Room Design?

Once you email us the information i.e. the completed Design questionnaire, room photos and room measurements (sketched floor plan), we will then begin the Design Process and our deadline to complete and send you all finalized work within 21 days. If you need buy diflucan online your new design completed faster, just buy your ‘urgent service’ and have everything emailed to you within 10 days of receiving all the information from you (Questionnaire, photos and room measurements).   For this super fast service please be sure to add the urgent service to your order.


What if I don’t like something that you select for my new Room Design?

It is our priority to ensure that you are completely happy with our creations for your interior design package. Therefore we will gladly alter the design to suit your needs as many times as required.


I’d like to keep some or most of my existing furniture. Can you create a new design based around what I already have?

Yes – absolutely. We can seamlessly integrate your existing furniture into a new design for your room. Or we can use some of your current items to work with proposed new items. You send us photos of the furniture and items you would prefer to keep along with the measurements and we’ll use them to create your new space.


Can I ask you follow-up questions relating to my design?

Yes, we are willing, helpful, friendly designers who are happy to answer your questions. It is important to us that you are fully satisfied, happy and understand your completed design.


If I don’t send you photos or room measurements, can I still order a Room Design package?

Yes you can, this is no problem. It just means that you will have Room Design based upon a generic set out instead of a customized design.


What happens to my personal information and photos?

 All of your personal information and photos remain totally private and will never be shared with other companies or third parties. However we might ask for your permission to publish the project and final result on our website.


Which countries do you offer your Design Service packages to?

We are international and work throughout the world in all corners of the globe. The online interior design services give us the accessibility to reach far and wide, allowing us to work with you, no matter where you are. We work worldwide!

The reason why we charge in British Pounds is because we are physically based in the UK. Paypal will translate the British Pounds to your local currency before you make the payment.


How do I pay for your Online Interior Design Services and what happens after the initial payment?

You will only pay 50% of the total price of the package (excluding the Urgent Service Package which is paid entirely upfront). You will pay the rest 50% once you are completely happy with our service.

Select which service you would like, and place your order. You will then be directed to PayPal to complete your purchase securely. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to complete your order, as you can still pay via PayPal using your debit or credit card. Thereafter, your payment confirmation will be sent to the email address that you provide via PayPal, along with the Design questionnaire, the guide on how to take photos of your room and instructions to help you take the correct room measurements.


Do you have a Guarantee Policy?

We are professional Interior Design Company who assist and provide you with a professional design service from beginning to end. Our combined expertise, knowledge and experience gives us the confidence that each design package that leaves our design studio will be a quality product and you will be fully satisfied. If you feel dissatisfied, based on your explanation and concerns we will try to modify the design to better meet your expectations. If you are still unhappy, we will gladly assign time to redesign from scratch your room (up to three designs). We certainly don’t want you to feel unhappy or stressed out during the design process, so we won’t stop until you are completely exultant with your design.