Christmas Trees For Small Spaces


Hi everybody, how wonderful is to have Christmas approaching, huh? I get very emotional as the days come closer and closer.
Are you the one that gets the traditional Christmas tree every year? If you are not then it is probably because you don’t like the idea of using real trees (I know, it’s not environmentally friendly unless you replant them) or because you struggle with spaces.

Well, If you live in a small space, this is your post!

Whether you are a Christmas strattera over the counter freak or you just like having the Christmas spirit at home here I give you some electrifying ideas. I am sure some of them will appeal to you. There are trees made with wood, painted, with lights, small trees, taller trees, made of paper, painted on pallet, on charcoal board, … there are a few of them. 🙂 All very cool!
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Be creative and Happy Christmas!



Christmas _tree_with_decor







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