Christmas gift-wrapping ideas

    Hola!!!   One day left for Christmas eve!!! Have you wrap your presents already?   I love to see all the presents under the tree and each of them with their own and unique wrapping.   I found all sorts of ways of wrapping buy clonazepam 2mg your […]


Hello,   Christmas decorations are almost everywhere now!   Have you put your christmas decoration and the tree up yet? I wanted to do it this week but I have been travelling around the globe instead. 😉 Oh dear! I have to stress how fascinating is to get inside some […]

Christmas Trees For Small Spaces

  Hi everybody, how wonderful is to have Christmas approaching, huh? I get very emotional as the days come closer and closer. Are you the one that gets the traditional Christmas tree every year? If you are not then it is probably because you don’t like the idea of using […]

Christmas Table Settings Decor Ideas 2

  I am so excited, Christmas will be here in just a few days! I love this time of the year where you get together with your family and friends and you just eat, eat and eat again. Yes, you spend most of the time sitting at the table (just […]

christmas stars decoration do it yoursef