11 Creative DIY Wall Ideas to Decorate Your Space 1


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Sometimes it is difficult to come up with ideas to decorate your rooms. I find it especially hard when it comes to decorate or dress shelves and walls.


Today I want to focus on easy ideas on how to decorate your walls. I am posting a few ideas that can be done by you at home and don’t be intimidated, any of them can be a perfect piece of art for your home. Just crack on!


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1-  Painted coffee stirrers glued on canvas.



2- Attached fabric on wall with liquid starch.

Attach-fabric-wall- liquid-starch


3- Night light made with a painted canvas and a bulb.



4- Exacto knife designs out of canvas.



5- Artwork for kitchen wall made with wooden spoons.



6- Big map printed in different leafs.



7- Artwork made out of tree branches.



8- Put scraps yarn in good use.



9- String art wall decor.



10-  Colored pencils displayed on wall.



11- Use leftover pieces of wrapping paper and frame it.




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